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New Construction

Jordan Pincus and Robin Halpern came to our studio with a strong brand concept and a few options for their flagship store location. After seeing a few spaces and discussing the potential of each, we settled on a much loved, but recently closed neighborhood hardware store.

The store itself had gone decades without upgrades or rehab. The large space with windows at either end needed a means of bringing light further in. It needed a means of spatial organization and the low ceilings begged for a proportional correction.

We aligned these architectural goals with the entrepreneurs' desire to have a separated lounge space and clear demarcation between a clothes section and a home section. Pulling from existing architectural elements in the space, we ensconced existing utility lines and the existing irregular structural columns with thickened walls, which we then also used for HVAC distribution.  Once these larger moves were decided, we chose a few rich materials to apply in strategic locations, allowing  the rest of the space to be an effective palette for their brand.

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