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New Views on Architecture

Lovett Keshet Studio was featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Vassar Quarterly's issue focusing on New Views of Architecture.

Interview Highlights

Yair Keshet describes the effect that new technologies have had on building design, building on an idea that a new element of craft has emerged that had left architecture between the era of building before mass production of material goods and after computational mass customization.


"A large part of the technology is the computational power of the modeling software. It involved writing a script with a series of rules that configures the angles and depths of each panel individually."


The article was written by Michael Blanding and also features Karen Van Lengen, professor and former Dean of Architecture at UVA, Benjamin Prosky, Directoct of the American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter (AIANY), Noah Wadden, Linda Yowell, and landscape architects David Seiter, Matt Donham, and Kate Farquhar.

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