Ardmore Kitchen Tour

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

707 Greythorne Road

We really enjoyed participating in the Ardmore Library's 14th annual Kitchen tour. It was a great way to support a local library as well as to get a peak into what other designers and builders are cooking in Main Line kitchens.

While each kitchen reflected the unique tastes and personalities of their respective owners, there were a few trends worth noting. Some came as a surprise to me.

1) Large deep undivided sinks predominated. Rather than a split sink, it seems most voted on just adding a bar sink in a separate location in the room. It also seems the porcelain farmhouse sink is waning in popularity, with only one represented.

2) Less granite, more quartz. Many of the counter tops sprung for the quartz, which, as an engineered stone, comes in a wider variety of aesthetics. Quartz is also harder and less porous than granite, though it comes with a higher price tag.

3) White cabinetry. Many of the kitchens kept the color palette light, with white cabinetry, though many mixed this with wood tones for the island. Who says all the kitchen cabinetry has to match? :)

4) None of the appliances were cabinet-faced. All proudly showed their brand-names on their stainless finishes. There were also few counter-depth fridges - once a must-have for a renovated kitchen.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon spent. Each home had a lovely tasting donated by a local vendor. My personal favorite was the kitchen at 707 Greythorne Rd (pictured above). The light and natural palette and modern detailing played to all of my preferences. I also appreciated the choice to build a series of full-height cupboards and forego the upper cabinets, which allowed for the light from the windows to fully penetrate the room.

Enjoy the gallery of images!