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Lovett Keshet Architecture is a full service architecture and design practice. We offer a range of services for clients who seek an innovative and collaborative approach to design. We are a contemporary design firm, though we enjoy engaging historical contexts and maintain excellent relationships with neighborhood groups and historic agencies.


Residential Design Services

Lovett Keshet designs a select number of homes each year for clients seeking a highly individualized process. Our designs are unique and customized to our clients needs and taste. We provide architecture and interior design services for renovations, additions, and new construction homes. Do you need an architect? Our helpful flow-chart will help you navigate the level of services you may (or may not) need.


Commercial Services

Lovett Keshet Studio provides architectural services for commercial clients. We assist clients in evaluating potential properties for expansion, understanding their space-needs, and right-sizing their new offices, residences, and common areas. We also provide architecture and interior design service to assist clients from property-purchase through move-in.


Health and Wellness Experiences, OBSS Suites

As an extension of our commercial services, Lovett Keshet Studio has in-house expertise in assisting private-practice owners in adding office-based surgical suites to their practices. Our team can  evaluate the feasibility of a surgical suite within your existing or future office space. Lovett Keshet Studio helps our private-practice owners maintain a consistent and high-quality patient experience, from initial office visit through post-op recovery. 


Retail and Hospitality

LKS's combination of architecture and interior services help clients develop environments that align with their vision. We work with local fabricators to incorporate features exclusive to each project. LKS creates memorable experiences for customers and clientele that support and enhance your company's brand business concept.


Let's Work Together

Would you like to connect? Send us an email or call the office. We'd be happy to discuss your needs.

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