Socrates Park Kiosk

Queens, NY



Schematic Design

Socrates Sculpture Park and the New York Architectural League asked firms to propose architectural folly to be featured in the park. Tasked with exploring the intersection of architecture and sculpture, the folly also needed to serve some utilitarian purposes - to act as an informational kiosk and shelter for two park volunteers. Diffraction Attraction is our response to this call.

Diffraction Attraction is a sculptural character that resides within the park. His purpose is to attract attention and, once obtained, to channel it outward toward the park’s other features. His dimensions are simple yet confident- standing tall and steady. His flamboyant headdress belies his practical frame and sensible signage. At heart he is an exuberant celebration of light, form, and material expression. His joyfulness is unapologetic and infectious.

Lovett Keshet Studio has spent several years studying the expressive nature of what we consider to be the true apparatus of the practice of architecture - the skillful manipulation of points, lines, and surfaces. To this end, we have a family of sculptures that study the expressive relationship of these elements and how they serve the architect’s purpose in the construction of the both physical objects and their correlated representations. Diffraction Attraction sits within this body of work.