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Research & Development

Lovett Keshet Studio engages in the research and development of building solutions. We focus on new methods for buildings to participate in the shift toward green infrastructure in urban environments, with special focus on managing urban storm water.


Ongoing Projects

Adaptations necessary for our new climate


Evaporative Roofing (existing const)

Live Monitoring Network

LKS is developing low cost, lightweight roofing solutions to address the market gap for roof-based storm water green infrastructure for existing construction. Constrained by weight and cost, solutions must come from outside of the traditional green roof toolkit.

Despite numerous large scale green roof installations in the NE, few are actively monitored for performance. LKS seeks to create a network of live monitoring sites partnered with existing green roofs to log year-round data, thereby allowing scientists and planners to evaluate effectiveness and calibrate the EPA's Stormwater Management Model (EPA-SWMM)


Evaporative Roofing + Solar


Analysis of Evaporative Media

There is competing pressure for rooftop area between the drive for solar panel installations and green roof opportunities. Due to the shade solar panels create, few green roof solutions can co-locate. Evaporative roofing offers a potential solar power + storm water solution that allows the roof to serve dual purposes.

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.

granted for Lovett Keshet designed storm water management system

LKS is currently in product development for new storm water management strategies that can be implemented across a wider range of building types. Our particular focus is on products that could be used to retrofit older building stock where existing SMPs are either structurally infeasible or cost prohibitive. 

2023-10-13 12_00_57-Fast Forward Philly 2023 - Live from Brickworks Design Studio - YouTub


Elizabeth Lovett presents current progress on LKS's development of a distributed network of green roof monitoring stations at Fast Forward Philly, 2023, as part of the AIA's Design Philadelphia events.

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